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What is your price for my event?
The price is based on the day of the week, the type of event, the level of props, contests and prizes that are required, the number of hours of dance music and background (dinner) music, and location of the venue. Most events are currently booking at $1195, including dinner/cocktail music, 4 hours of music, a basic light show, and a tuxedo attired Disc Jockey. Overtime is $75 per half hour, non pro-ratable.  For an exact price quote please use the Request Info Form or contact Dancin' Tracks at 1-800-996-1888.

Do you require a deposit?
At the time of booking a $200 retainer fee is required to hire Dancin' Tracks. This is not a deposit, it is a non-refundable booking fee applied to the balance of the DJ fee.

Why is the retainer fee non-refundable?
Once Dancin' Tracks accepts the retainer fee for your event, any other inquiries for that date will be referred to other Disc Jockeys. Cancellations can create situations where Dancin' Tracks is unable to book another event. Most events are booked six months to a year in advance and the previously referred clients will have already found entertainment for their event.

Will you pencil me in?
No. Dancin' Tracks operates on a contractual basis only. Once you receive the contract from Dancin' Tracks, you will have 10 days of exclusive first right of refusal for hiring Dancin' Tracks. After that, you will need to check back for availability for that date.

Will you take requests from my guests?
Absolutely. If one of your guests makes a request for a song that is danceable, it will get played as soon as it fits into the flow of the event. Inappropriate songs and undanceable songs will not be played unless the person signing the check makes the request.

Do I control the volume? What if it's too loud?
You are in control of the volume. If you ever want it turned up or turned down, just come right up to the DJ and ask!

Will you play dinner music?
Yes! Up to 2 hours of dinner music is included with every event. During this time microphone is made available for your use. For weddings this works out really well since Dancin' Tracks will be set up and ready to go before any of your guests arrive.

Do you have a microphone we can use?
Two wireless microphones are brought to every event. One is a wireless headset for the DJ, and the other is a hand-held wireless microphone that can be used by you or your guests. The hand-held microphone can be used for announcements, toasts, meal blessings, and presentations. It is not designed to be used for karaoke.

What will you wear to my event?
Unless requested to do otherwise, your Disc Jockey will be dressed in a black tuxedo for all weddings. For other formal events, black pants, a white shirt, and a tie will be worn. For less formal events, Khakis and a casual dress shirt will be worn.

Do I need to arrange for a table at the event location?
No. Dancin' Tracks brings everything needed to each event, including a table for the equipment. An outlet within 25 feet of the stage and an obstruction-free stage area that is at least 10 feet wide by 6 feet deep is required.

When will you set up your equipment?
Preferably before anyone arrives at the event location. If the stage area will be used for meal service or seating, Dancin' Tracks can set up just prior to the start of the dance. At least 30 minutes set-up time is required.

What kind of DJ equipment do you use?
Industry standard equipment all mounted in racks to conceal unsightly wires. If you really want to know...2 15" Peavey mid/high speakers, 2 18" PAS subwoofer speakers. 2 Shure LX wireless microphones (1 headset, 1 handheld, each with a Sabine FBX feedback exterminator). A QSC PLX 3002 550WPC/8 OHM amplifier. Rane MP-22 Mixer. Pioneer CMX-5000 Dual CD Player with Sony Discman backups. BBE Sonic Maximizer. Rane AC-22 Electronic Crossover, Fuhrman Power Conditioner, a custom-built Universal Truss system, Lightcraft lighting controller, 4 par cans, 2 pin spots, and a mirror ball.

Do you have lights?
Yes. The Dancin' Tracks light show consists of elevated lights that illuminate the dance floor and chase to the beat of the music. A mirror ball adds to the coolness of the light show.

Do you have a fog machine?
No. The vapor from the fog machine is irritating to some people so Dancin' Tracks has eliminated the use of a fog machine from most events.

Can you go later than the scheduled end time?
No problem. The extension must be approved by the on-duty venue manager and is available for $100 per hour.

Should I Tip The Disc Jockey?
If the Disc Jockey goes above and beyond your expectations, then it is appropriate. Dancin' Tracks charges a professional fee and a tip is never expected.

Do you have Karaoke?
Yes. With prior arrangements, Karaoke is available. There is an additional $200 charge for the extra equipment and setup time required for a karaoke show. This should be arranged when you book your special event with Dancin' Tracks.

Do you have (insert audio or video item) available?
Yes.  Please consult with Dancin' Tracks for arrangements regarding equipment not normally included as part of the basic Dancin' Tracks equipment package.  Dancin' Tracks will coordinate the rental, delivery, setup, and return of any additional equipment required.  Rental and handling fees will apply. 


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