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tips on hiring a dj

Question #1: How much experience will your disc jockey have?

Some companies send out disc jockeys with quite a bit of experience. Some do not. Multi-system disc jockey services have been known to send out employees that are "learning on-the-job." If you are truly looking for a top professional, you should be able to guarantee the exact DJ and their experience in writing, otherwise, itís just another sales pitch.

As the only disc jockey representing Danciní Tracks, Troy Ackerman has personally performed at over 700 events in the past 10 years, including: weddings, birthday parties, school dances, corporate events, anniversaries, nightclub dances, picnics, and Christmas parties. If you hire Danciní Tracks, Troy Ackerman will be your DJ. The extensive experience with a variety of events means that Troy knows what songs to play, knows how to interact with your guests, and knows how make sure everyone has a good time.

Question #2: Will the disc jockey interact with the crowd?

There are disc jockeys that hide behind their equipment and just play music. At the other end of the spectrum, there are disc jockeys that view the event as a place to showcase themselves by dressing up in funny clothes, performing magic tricks, telling jokes, or doing other "zany" things.

Danciní Tracks provides an interactive disc jockey show that will involve everyone. Through tasteful and fun audience participation activities, contests, and dance instruction, your guests will become involved and be part of the fun. If specifically requested, Danciní Tracks can also provide a non-interactive disc jockey show, with the focus on music and dancing.

Question #3: Can they provide references?

Any disc jockey can provide a few hand-picked references. The supplied references should be recent and for the specific disc jockey that will appear at your event.

Danciní Tracks can provide the names and numbers of recent clients so you can hear it for yourself how they felt about the service they received. See Customer Comments for recent customer evaluations.

Question #4: Will they take requests?

Disc jockeys often take song requests, and then never play them. Thatís because they don't have the song or because they don't want to play the song.

Danciní Tracks is happy to take requests. By bringing over 15,000 songs to each event, not having a requested song is rarely a problem. Danciní Tracks prides itself on playing requests. Every effort will be made to play a request that is danceable and that is appropriate for the event.

Question #5: Do they use professional equipment?

There is a tremendous difference in quality and reliability between home stereo equipment and professional duty sound equipment. With disc jockeys that use professional equipment you will be reasonably assured of quality sound and reliable operation of the equipment.

Only professional sound and lighting equipment is used by Danciní Tracks. Over $10,000 has been invested in the sound and lighting system and all of the equipment is rack mounted so there are no exposed wires. Dancin' Tracks will bring backup equipment to your event, so in the unlikely event of an equipment failure, the show will go on.

Question #6: What kind of music will you play and is it on compact disc or cassette?

Your disc jockey should be able to entertain everyone at your event by gearing music to you and your guests. Their music library should contain everything from big band, oldies and disco to the latest dance, country and rock, and should be on digital compact disc. The disc jockey should be able to provide a list of the music that they will bring to your event. Using cassette tapes by a disc jockey is unacceptable.

Danciní Tracks has a music library of over 15,000 songs all on compact disc. You will receive a music list by Danciní Tracks that contains selections from almost all styles of music. Take a look at the music library to see the music that Dancin' Tracks will bring to your event.

Question #7: How much will it cost?

Entertainment for special events is not a commodity, it is a service. Go ahead and price shop for your next car, your groceries, or that new sweater, but consider more than just the price when looking for a DJ. Consider the tangibles that they offer (hours of music, DJ attire, music library, equipment, whether they are willing to meet with you before your event, and price). Then consider the intangibles (experience, referrals from former clients, personalized service, and how comfortable you feel working with them).

Experience, music selection, personalized service, crowd interaction and use of professional sound and lighting equipment by Danciní Tracks add up to an excellent entertainment value.


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